How to Become an Edmonton Real Estate Agent

Below is a brief outline of how to become a Real Estate Agent in Edmonton*. Licensing must be done through RECA, and more information can be found at

Step One – Meeting the Requirements

  • Be a Canadian Citizen or have a valid Permanent Resident (PR) Card
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Canadian high school diploma or equivalent (post college diploma or university degree)
  • Be proficient in English
If you meet these requirements, you will first need to complete the “Real Estate Career Information Session” before you are eligible to enroll in the Real Estate Associates Program. This questionnaire can be taken at
Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion, you are ready to submit an enrollment application

Step Two – Education Eligibility

Visit and create an account, from there, you can apply for eligibility. This will cost $100*.  If you have an event in your past that may result license application to be declined, you can also consider a suitability review. Please note that you will eventually require a Certified Criminal Record Check.
Required Documentation
  • Source document – proof of identity and ability to study in Alberta (no substitute accepted)
  • Supporting Document – Government photo identification
  • Proof of Education
  • Proof of English Proficiency
More information here.

Step Three – Pre-Licensing Education Program/ Real Estate Association Program (REAP)

Once you are determined to be eligible, you can begin your training. You must complete the following courses to receive a basic license.
Course 1: 2 Parts - $1300*
  • Introduction to a Career in Real Estate (online)
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate
Course 2: An area of practice - $850 per area*
Click here for a full description of each area.
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Rural Real Estate
  • Property Management

Important Information

Program Timeline – You have a maximum of 18 months to complete REAP from the date you enroll in Fundamentals of Real Estate (this includes the courses and exams).
Licensing Timeline – Once you complete REAP you have a maximum of one year, from the date you pass your Area of Practice exam, to become licensed.
Passing grade – You must obtain a minimum of 70% on exams to pass.

Step Four – Obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check (CCRC)

RECA must review and accept your CCRC before you can become licensed. More information here.

Step Five – Join a Brokerage

Once your education is complete, you must register with a real estate brokerage. – Find out why 2% Realty Pro is an excellent brokerage to join here.

Step Six – Submit an Application for Licensing

Once employed, you must submit an Associate Application. Sections of the application will have to be completed by your broker.

Costs & Fees to get Licensed in Alberta

The following is a breakdown of the fees that will be necessary to become a Realtor in Alberta**:

Course Fees

Description Cost* Frequency Notes
RECA | Application Fee $100 One time only                      Required                    
RECA | Licensing Course $1,300 One time only Required
      RECA | Real Estate Areas of Practice        $850 (per area)      One time only               Required 


Licensing/Registration Costs

      RECA Professional Liability Insurance       $375                       Annually - October 1st        Required                    
RECA License Registration $450 Annually - October 1st Required
CREA/AREA Registration $100 One time only Required
CREA/Area Fees $110 Annually Required
 REALTORS® Association of  Edmonton $2,551 Annually Required


Additional Costs May Include (But not limited to):

  • Brokerage franchise fees
  • The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton MLS® system lsting fees
  • Lock boxes
  • Signs and/or sign installation
  • Auto insurance, monthly payment, and gas
  • Computer and/or tablet
  • Mobile device and cell phone bill
  • Marketing materials, supplies and business cards
  • Website and/or social media advertising
  • Photography services and/or a camera
  • Office supplies, printer/scanner etc.


*Subject to change

*Prices subject to change at any time without notice

**Please note some of the costs in this table may be specific to 2% Realty Pro

SOURCE:; REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, Real Estate Council of Alberta