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A building system consisting of solid, vertical surfaces that enclose and/or divide a building.

A written contract by which a person instructs how his or her estate should be distributed upon the person’s death.

A building system consisting of an opening within an interior and/or exterior wall to allow for the passage or air, light, people and other matter. Windows are typically smaller in size than doors but this can vary depending on the building’s design and use.

Refers to a person who is present at the signing of a document and signs it to confirm the document’s authenticity and legality.

Wraparound Mortgage
A special arrangement by which one document encompasses one or more existing mortgages registered on the same property. Also see Mortgage.

Writ of Execution
A written directive from the court issued against a property title when a claimant successfully sues a debtor resulting in a judgment in the claimant’s favour. The Writ relates to the carrying out of this judgment.

Written Service Agreement
A contract in writing that establishes the relationship between the parties as to the services and obligations to be performed by an industry professional. Written service agreements are required in residential real estate when a real estate professional is working with a consumer as a client. Also see Contract.

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