Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really just 2% commission?
Yes! The 2% commission includes both listing and selling fees. It is split between the buyer's real estate agent and the seller's real estate agent.

*For properties listed under $300,000, 2% Realty Pro agents reserve the right to charge a fair minimum flat fee commission rate. More information can be found further down in these FAQs. Buyer’s agents’ commissions are always negotiable.


Are there any hidden fees?
No hidden fees over here! Our agents will clearly review all costs to selling with you at the time of a listing.


How are you able to charge less?
We are not a traditional brick-and-mortar real estate company. We are primarily a cloud-based brokerage. We leverage technology to maximize efficiency and minimize our footprint on the environment. We have our own backend systems that allow us to drastically reduce our overhead while increasing our agents’ productivity and skills. We also don’t have TV commercials, bus benches or billboards, big fancy offices, or the additional staff requirements that our competitors pay for. We’ve built a business model and structure that has reduced or eliminated the majority of those non-essential costs that don’t actually help sell your home in today’s real estate market. All of those savings we’ve invested into what truly matters - selling our clients’ homes and helping them keep more of their investment.


What do I get for 2%?
We are Canada’s largest Full Service Lower Commission Real Estate Brand. We provide you with Full Exposure, advertise your listing on our 2% Realty website, as well as hundreds of other cooperating websites. Professional quality photographs to sell your home. A real estate agent to negotiate on your behalf and sell your home for what it’s worth. And we provide additional advertising outside of the traditional methods. We are in the business of selling, not listing, so we will do everything we can to sell your house quickly, and for maximum sale price.


What if my property is under $300,000?
At 2% Realty Pro, we strongly believe in providing a full-service experience to our clients and a meticulous approach to property presentation, listings, and sales. To ensure you receive the full-service real estate experience that you deserve and that your home is marketed the right way with full exposure, if your listing is below $300,000, your 2% Realty Pro agent may choose to charge a fair flat fee commission rate above the standard 2% to cover the necessary costs. But we remain firm on our belief in helping our clients keep more of their investment, so the commission will always remain well-below our competitors’ rates.


Are you on and/or the MLS® System?
Yes! We offer the same services as any other real estate company, and in many cases, more! We just have less overhead and we’re able to pass those savings on to our valued clients.


Will other real estate agents show 2% Realty Pro listings?
Absolutely. Statistically, over 91% of our listing sales in the Edmonton area were sold by cooperating real estate agents.


How do 2% listings do in comparison to a conventional Real Estate company?
2% Realty Pro agents consistently sell our clients’ homes faster than the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton average. Additionally, our agents sell 2X more properties than the industry average. We are lucky to have several of our agents rank in the top 1%, 5%, and 20% of the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton for MLS® System year after year.


Do you charge a fee to help buyers find a home?
No way. We believe in working in your best interest and we don’t let commission stand in the way of you getting your dream home. Contact us to learn more about buying with 2% Realty Pro.


What if I don't like my 2% agent?
Different agents have different approaches. The commonality among all of our agents is the low commission rate! If you feel like your current agent isn't the right fit, get in touch with us, and we can find another agent who is.


How do I get in touch with you?
As we mentioned above, we're not a traditional brick-and-mortar real estate company, so we don't have a traditional receptionist. If you have questions about buying or selling a home, or about our company model or commission structure, just fill out the Free Home Evaluation form, and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.


If there's a specific agent you're trying to reach, their contact information can be found under Our Team.


For other inquiries, feel free to fill out the form here or send us an email.

*2% Realty Pro’s average days on market is consistently lower than the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton average. Figures above are taken from statistics courtesy of 2% Realty Pro, the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton, and the MLS® System over the past 5 years and are subject to change. Savings are based on 2% Realty Inc. sales across Canada with the 7% on the first $100,000.00 and 3% on the remainder commission model. Commissions are always negotiable. Not intended to solicit buyers or sellers already under contract.

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